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4 Reasons why your Facebook Adverts Fail

There are many reasons as to why people fail to grasp the ideology behind the perfect Facebook campaign and that’s possibly partly down to mindset and partly a lack of understanding. Of course, Facebook always get slammed, because let’s face it, people always blame their tools, not themselves.

So, for that very reason, we have compiled a list of reasons as to why we feel businesses fail at creating successful Facebook campaigns.

1. Testing.

Do you test your campaigns thoroughly? For anyone new to Facebook ads, you may have noticed there are many different options for you to choose from. How could anyone know what will work without running a few tests. There is an element of common sense surrounding your choice of campaign and choice of audience, but you may be surprised in your results if you can compare them.

2. Targeting.

It goes without saying, Facebook offers an extraordinary amount of data to use to target your specific customer. The usual and more traditional approach would be to ‘cast your net wide’, but the opposite is true of Facebook campaigns. This is what we call ‘Laser targeting’. Try and be more specific with your target audience, but don’t over do it….like with anything, balance is key.

3. Advert copy

Make sure your image is relevant and emphasises what you do. You are reliant on the image to convey your message to potential customers. Once you have grabbed their attention, they will read the text and again, if you are not clear and offering a solution to their need, they will move on, creating an impression not a click through or a conversion.

4. Focusing on short term results

As yourself how long it took to build your business? Did it happen overnight? No, of course it didn’t, advertising and marketing is no different. Create a strategy and stick to it. Don’t spend £50 on an ad campaign and expect it to be the answer to all your prayers. Build recognition, spend less per day, focus on the results and work out your budgets properly.

As well as these pitfalls, you also need to learn how to use the software on Facebook. There are simplified options with guidelines, but these are not quite as targeted as they are in Business Manager. There are a lot of CRM systems that offer adverts through social media too and for some this may make more sense for you to use it. However, Facebook's goal is to keep people on site, so if you use their software to create adverts, you create a far greater reach by remaining loyal to the platform.

If you really do struggle with this side to your marketing, then it may be worth your time in investing in experts such as The Social Butterflies.

A wise man once said, ‘Why spend hours trying to do something you are not skilled at, not only costing you time, but also money, when you can pay someone to do it more efficiently and safe you a lot of money in the long run’.

Stay safe everyone.

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