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8 Signs of Resistance to Change within your Business

Human behaviour has always been a fascination to many marketers, and it plays a major part in what we do. Most people who are on the outside of the marketing sphere looking in, would rightly presume this is because a marketer needs a good understanding of human behaviour in order to promote products and services. However, it goes so much deeper than that and one of the biggest challenges when it comes to marketing is the behaviour of the management and staff of organisations or businesses.

Every business wants to keep the money rolling in, they want people to love what they do, show loyalty to their business and more importantly, business owners want success. Whatever “success” means to each individual is personal, but it is the onus on success and that hinges on a resistance to change.

A business will seek a marketing agency, or hire a marketing manager to improve the business and make it grow. The challenge for a Marketing Manager is trying to encourage the management to do what’s best for the business by creating a marketing strategy. In order to create a marketing strategy, there needs to be a lot of analysis and one of which is it’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. When you put a business model through analysis like this, it is no surprise that some business owners will get defensive about “Weaknesses and Threats”, but of course that’s where the problems are and to change those, is eventually what leads to “success”! This is where resistance comes in. Why do we need to change, it worked before, what’s wrong with what I have already created?

Here are 8 signs there is a resistance to change within your business:

#1 Avoidance of taking on new projects

#2 Absenteeism

#3 Reduction in productivity

#4 Poor communication

#5 Lack of adoption of new processes

#6 Lack of morale

#7 Decision paralysis

#8 Complaints and gossip

Just like anything in life, nothing is perfect, and everything needs a bit adjustment over time. The world evolves constantly and so does marketing and how we reach customers. Digital marketing has changed at an incredible pace over the last 10 years and will continue to do so, as more and more technology is created. Nothing stands still and when we step in to help a business with their marketing, we are trying to help. Progress and growth can only happen if a business is open to change. For better or worse, change is a good thing and something we all need to embrace.

Our marketing strategies are in depth and have proven to be beneficial to all the businesses we have worked with over the years, it’s a solid foundation with which we can build on. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch by using our contact page or through our social media channels.

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