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Mindful Marketing

Marketing is a crucial element when it comes to making your business grow, it is even more important at times such as now. The pandemic has made many businesses take a fresh approach to their marketing and one of which we would refer to as, “Mindfulness marketing”, this means changing your tactics from product or service valued messages to a value focused approach.

For many businesses that have had to scale back or close their business completely, the question has been, should they continue to market their business. The answer is, absolutely! If you stop engaging with your audience they will go elsewhere, to your competitors who are still active and taking a value focused approach to their marketing.

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So what do we mean by “value focused approach”? What do your customers miss now, do they miss your service or product? Are your customers looking for some light entertainment?

Most people are stuck at home with nothing better to do than read up on things they are interested in, possibly starting to plan for a new Kitchen, Blinds, Gym in their house…or simply need to watch something funny, inspiring. Now is the time to get creative with your content.

More importantly, don’t stop promoting your business. Just because you are not driving sales or adding a call to action to every email, social media post or blog, doesn’t mean you aren’t promoting your business. Subliminal advertising can work just as well as, full hard-hitting adverts and at the moment, people are more receptive to the value approach.

If you would like some advice on content, or some tips on how to make your social media sing during a pandemic, please get in touch.

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