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The Emphatic Guide to Content on Social Media

It’s a mystery, they say. How does my competitor get so many Likes compared to me? I want my account to look like my competitions. I want lots of LIKES, LIKES and more LIKES. I want sales, I need to promote my business and be visible.

I have heard all these comments hundreds of times and the solution to this, is a lot of hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are lots of factors that need to be taken into account before your business starts to see a return on it’s investment on it’s digital marketing.

Is your website and SEO performing well? If it isn’t, no matter who visits it, they won’t buy anything.

Is your call to action clear? Again, if it’s not people will go to your competition.

Is your content up to date and working for you? Now there’s the big question and probably the most difficult to understand for any business owner. All anyone wants to see, is sales, leads, products flying off she shelves and that means it’s working. Wrong.

Let’s start with the 4 elements your content needs to have in order to be a success.

1. Will your content pique interest? It needs to grab people’s attention. Think about your subject, would you share it? Of course you would, it’s your business, but is your content of interest to others?

2. Does it inspire people about your product, or make people feel that they need that service? Like I’m doing right now. You never realised you needed this information until you actually read it.

3. Are you conveying your business is the answer to all their problems? Create the need and then give them the answer.

4. Last but not least…does your content have the entertainment factor? You can’t teach humour to people and marketing is all about theory, but put it into practise with a touch of humour and your social media will start to light up.

Note* DO NOT under any circumstances put someone in charge of your social media that doesn’t have a funny bone in their body.

At the end of the day, people like to keep up to date with the news, understand new trends, science, technology...anything that makes THEM look interesting and cool by sharing on their profile is how you spread your message. We are trying to connect with people's emotional intelligence.

People won't share your business promotion, just because you think it's amazing....THEY have to think it's amazing and that THEIR followers will think it's even more amazing than they do.

If you need any help, advice or even to see how we do it, follow our social channels or get in touch with

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